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Resources Today's Word

noun: 1. A fearless person. 2. A battleship armed with all heavy guns. 3. A thick cloth. 4. A warm garment made of thick cloth. 5. A type of acoustic guitar with a large body and loud sound.
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Let's Learn English - Level 2 - Voice of America

Lesson 22: Trash to Treasure, Part 2
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FreeBookSpot Spanish Latest Books

Actos de habla y modulacion discursiva en espanol medieval: Representaciones de (des)cortesia verbal historica (Studia Romanica et Linguistica) (Spanish Edition) [Spanish]
Esta obra estudia la expresin de la (des)cortesa verbal en espaol medieval a travs del anlisis de los actos de habla y de la modulacin discursiva. El objetivo principal es proponer un entendimiento de (des)cortesa histrica que tome en cuenta el contexto y los roles interaccionales que se establecen en situaciones discursivas determinadas. Para identificar las funciones de la (des)cortesa, en esta investigacin se emplea una metodologa cualitativa. Esto permite interpretar la dinmica de la (des)cortesa en la interaccin y analizar su complejidad estructural desde el nivel del discurso. Como corpus, se recurre a pasajes dialgicos seleccionados de varios tipos de obras literarias. Se mantiene que los textos de ficcin son una fuente importante dentro de la pragmtica histrica. Read more...
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3D Brain


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Use your touch screen to rotate and zoom around 29 interactive structures. Discover how each brain region functions, what happens when it is injured, and how it is involved in mental illness. Each detailed structure comes with information on functions, disorders, brain damage, case studies, and links to modern research.




TinkerBox is part game, part creative outlet. Kids can work their way through the six levels of puzzles, each offering many stages, where they drag the right object into place to complete the physics puzzler -- think Rube Goldberg machines.





Minecraft is a sandbox game that rewards players for collecting and combining resources into new, useful items that enrich gameplay and help further exploration and creativity. Since each new world begs to be explored and reshaped, Minecraft cultivates 21st-century skills: goal-setting, collaboration, creativity, design and systems thinking, and engineering.



DIY App- Creative Community for Kids

The most awesome community for kids in the galaxy. Join DIY to learn new skills, find friends, and keep a portfolio.

Use the DIY App to explore thousands of awesome challenges that help you learn new skills. Share what you make and do, get followers, comment on your friends’ stuff, and earn patches for what you achieve. DIY has more than 140 skills to try including Animator, Backyard Farmer, Minecrafter, Fashion Designer and Illustrator. You can do anything, become anyone. DIY is the best way to learn how.

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