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Bridging the STEM Gender Gap in the Classroom (Mon, 27 Nov 2017)
by Laura Pearson @laurapearson1 Despite scoring higher than their male peers in problem solving related to engineering and technology, girls continue to be underrepresented in STEM fields. While this is an issue well beyond the scope of an individual classroom, teachers have an important role to play in balancing the STEM gender gap. Throughout elementary…
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This is How to Find the Right Tutor If Your Student Has ADHD (Wed, 01 Nov 2017)
by Laura Pearson @laurapearson1 If your student has ADHD, you want to be sure that he is getting the most he can from his education. Sometimes, school is a distracting environment and kids with ADHD benefit from having a tutor. But, it takes just the right tutor to connect with your child, understand his learning…
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Six is the Number (Wed, 11 Oct 2017)
by Dr. Charice Hayes, CEO All 4 One Tutoring™ has made it to 6 years in business. Just to think 6 years ago we were solely an online tutoring company mostly servicing international clients. Now 6 years later, we offer so much more (face-to-face tutoring, after-school programming, professional development and training, and writing services). Thanks…
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Blair High Schoolers Meet Lunch Buddies With New Phone App Designed to Combat Bullying (Sat, 07 Oct 2017)
Silver Spring student looks to introduce Sit With Us app to other schools Source: Blair High Schoolers Meet Lunch Buddies With New Phone App Designed to Combat Bullying
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Connecting with Our Clients (Mon, 04 Sep 2017)
by Dr. Charice Hayes Our clients are an integral part to our success. All 4 One Tutoring not only makes sure that every client is compatible with his or her tutor, but we ask our clients what is their preferred method for communication. Believe it or not, emailing and texting are the top two preferred…
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Rockford teacher helps student score video game voice acting audition (Fri, 11 Aug 2017)
Source: Rockford teacher helps student score video game voice acting audition
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A New School Year (Sat, 05 Aug 2017)
by Intern Well, a new school year is upon us. All 4 One Tutoring is prepping for another awesome and meaningful school for our clients and potential clients. We are so excited! We began to test our iPads, tablets, and headphones. They get the most usage in our after-school program. We do so many engaging…
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Spanish education ‘instills bicultural heritage’ in students (Sun, 30 Jul 2017)
Source: Spanish education ‘instills bicultural heritage’ in students
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Altered Books (Sat, 29 Jul 2017)
by Contributor Ever heard of an altered book? An altered book is a very creative form of artwork that changes a book from its original form into an artistic form, altering its appearance and/or meaning. Altered books are creative and expressive. You can be very imaginative with creating an altered book. Altered books can be…
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Spanish I Course  (Fri, 30 Jun 2017)
by Staff Contributor  We’re so excited! We’re little over a week away from the launch of our Spanish I online course. We are using the Thinkific platform to deliver a wonderful engaging and learning environment.  The course will use vocabulary and language structure through a series of activities designed for realistic communication which will allow you to…
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