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Finding Focus: How to Find a Distraction-Free Learning Area for Your Children (Fri, 31 Aug 2018)
by Susan Good Learning how to focus on the task at hand can take years to perfect, and for many kids across the US, it can be difficult to find a good balance between school work and homework. Moving from the classroom to all the distractions that home offers can be jarring, leading to…
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Help Your Child Ease Into the School Year with Confidence (Mon, 13 Aug 2018)
by Emily Graham, Mighty Moms Almost one-third of teenagers feel sad or depressed due to stress. School has become more and more nerve-wracking, even for younger children, as the pressure builds from all directions. There are classes, homework, tests, extracurricular activities, and sports, as well as the constant need to be cool and hang out…
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Help Your Child Manage Homework (Mon, 11 Jun 2018)
The “looming threat” of another year of homework assignments—and potential battles—may overshadow the anticipation of a new school year. But homework routines don’t have to be a painful process, if you and your kids discuss and set the ground rules and expectations early on. Involving your children encourages them to take ownership of their success,…
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Going Over Homework (Sat, 28 Apr 2018)
by Dr. Charice Hayes, CEO Over the past few years, we have been asked by potential clients and clients for our tutors to go over homework. Our response to that is that we don’t go over homework, but we provide homework assistance/help. Let’s explain. -Going over homework does not instill skills for autonomy. -To promote…
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How Do I Learn Best? (Thu, 08 Mar 2018)
by Dr. Charice Hayes, Founder Have you or your child(ren) said, “I study, but I just can’t get it” or “I just can’t get what the teacher/professor is saying in the class?” Perhaps your study habits or class attentiveness is not align with how you absorb certain information. Yes, learning styles can be good. However,…
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How EdTech Is Transforming the Remotest Districts (Sat, 24 Feb 2018)
by Anish Passi, Contributing Author Education technology, commonly known as Edtech, is a revolutionary progression in the realm of learning and pedagogy. The undeniable skills of teachers and educators in various sectors can now be visited by a student sitting from anywhere in a world! So long as they have accessibility to the internet, nothing…
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Fun, Technology-Based Activities for Your Kids to Do This Winter (Sun, 04 Feb 2018)
by Laura Pearson, Guess Contributor Photo via Pixabay Most kids love spending as much time outdoors as they can, but when winter rolls in, it can be difficult to fit in outside time. The coldest months can also be the most boring for young people, but fortunately there are plenty of online activities for kids…
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5 Simple Tips to Generate Traffic to Your Blog for Free (Tue, 30 Jan 2018)
Simple tips that will enable you to generate traffic to your blog/website for free
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The State of Charter Schools (Sun, 14 Jan 2018)
by Dr. Charice Hayes, CEO All 4 One Tutoring About a month ago, I read a report about how NAACP delegates and the National Board called for a decision to delay the expansion of charter schools. A task force was assembled called the Task Force for Quality Education. The Task Force gathered nationwide data on…
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2017 Year in Review (Sat, 30 Dec 2017)
by Dr. Charice Hayes, CEO It has been a joyous 2017. All 4 One Tutoring continues to make strides. In last year’s review, I stated that we have put some things in place to diversify and expand our company and services, and we began to reap the fruits of those seeds. Contracts/Partnerships In March of…
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